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Louisville Community Management ServicesAre you looking for a steadfast and proficient condo association and HOA management company in Louisville, KY? If you are, look no further. Kentuckiana Property Management has you covered.

Whether you are a new developer or an existing condominium or homeowners’ association looking for expert board and association management services, at any level, in the city of Louisville. We can assist you regardless of your style or size. You will find using us as your community managers is an efficient way to meet your needs.

We have years of experience managing properties, and our business has helped countless property owners have peace of mind. The strengths of our company lay in our ability to make and sustain the best professional relationships between owners, boards, and contractors to create a harmonious environment.

Besides Louisville, our office offers services to other areas in the State such as Middletown, St Matthews, Clifton, Prospect, Goshen, Jeffersontown, Nu Lu, Crescent Hill, Highlands, Crestwood, LaGrange, Southern Indiana, and surrounding areas within Greater Louisville.

Why Hire Us To Manage your Greater Louisville Community?

There are many reasons why many owners and members of condominium and homeowner’s associations in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, turn to us for property management assistance. For one, we are a company that provides our clients with top-notch customer communication. We believe our condo association and HOA management services are the best available.

Two, we don’t have any hidden expenses. Frankly, we aren’t interested in making a quick buck to your disadvantage. Our goal is to keep our promises and meet your requirements all the time you are with us.

Three, our community managers understand the Greater Louisville area at every level. Our service team is constantly monitoring local legal ordinances, fair housing rules, and insurance requirements that could impact the day-to-day life of your community. 

Let our 10 years of experience work for you. As an experienced condominium association and HOA management company, we have helped dozens of boards and board members with our proficient services. 

You can reach us by calling 502-882-0763 or emailing We highly value our customer service and would be pleased to hear from you.

Our Greater Louisville managers will be more than delighted to discuss your community/property management, the essentials, and put together a request regarding how we can help with your condo association or HOA management needs.

Our Greater Louisville Community Management Services

Let us support your condo association and HOA management needs. The following are some of the services we offer as one of the top condo association and HOA management companies:

Upkeep Services


  • Keep all correspondence/communication to the owners on file
  • Provide board members with access to financials, meeting minutes, and any other requested documents
  • Allow owners to respond to Governing document and CC&R violation letters, request forms, and documents online
  • Post events about the neighbourhood such as meetings and park events through the website
  • Store all condo association and HOA files online and organize them for quick access
  • Provide access to owners and board members to pay dues, download needed forms, and view pertinent accounting documents on the community website
Community in Louisville

Resale & Disclosure



  • Work with board and property owners on any questions they may have regarding accounting, communication, or other concerns
  • Post and monitor any late charges, special assessments, Governing documents, CC&R fines when CC&R policies allow
  • Prepare monthly financial reports including vendor paid invoices
  • Maintain homeowner payment outlets such as bank websites and lockbox files
  • Pay all vendor invoices, insurance premiums, utilities, and other A/P bills due
  • Maintain association checking and reserve accounts
  • Prepare information for year-end compilation reports
  • Maintain, coordinate, and organize tax filings and state corporations commission filings
  • Collect assessments and other income from people that is due to the community
  • Financial reports prepared by in-house Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
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Greater Louisville Condo Association and HOA Management

About Kentuckiana Property Management

Since we founded our office in 2018, Kentuckiana Property Management has been recognized as an industry leader in the city of Louisville KY real estate market, condominium and homeowners’ associations at every level.

We have a significant presence in Kentucky condominium and HOA management and are active members of leading real estate associations such as Community Association Institute (CAI).

Our goal is to help homeowners and boards obtain peace of mind through steadfast and expert Louisville condo and HOA management. The communities under our care benefit from what we offer.

As a professional Kentucky condo and homeowners association management and property management company, we are fully equipped and packed with the local knowledge required to effectively manage properties. And because of this, we meet and even exceed our clients’ expectations.

We strive to continually streamline our Louisville services, procedures, and technology to ensure you’re receiving an experience that exceeds typical industry standards.

If you're interested in seeing how we can help you with Condo or HOA Management in the city of Louisville, then please: Request a Quote Here!